History and Hopes


College and Career Plaza began as a pilot initiative that emerged through community conversations and the successes of the New Mexico Simon Scholars Program, a college preparation, transition and completion program that provides strategic support for students who demonstrate resilience in the face of economic and life challenges. In 2016, with the support of the high school administration, CCP opened a space in the Santa Fe High School library and began providing walk-in college and career preparation services, workshops, lunches, parent nights, career fairs during the day and evening.


CCP recently expanded to Capital High School and opened a dedicated space in the library to provide future transitions services to all young people during the day and evenings. In January of 2020, CCP became an independent non profit organization and is currently supported by the generosity of our community and the Santa Fe School District.



CCP is currently working to broaden the scope of our career based programs through enhanced daily staffing at both high school locations while engaging in capacity building to create a sustainable organizational structure that will allow us to expand into additional highschools. Our work is guided by a three year strategic plan developed by staff and the Board of Directors.

College and Career Plaza 3-Year Strategic Priorities and Objectives

Priority 1

Structured Program

  • Retain Dedicated Staff
  • Develop Annual Curriculum
  • Enhance Campus Relations

Priority 2

Sustainable Funding

  • Develop Giving Programs
  • Increase Public Exposure
  • Secure District Support

Priority 3

Stable Operations

  • Align Mission
  • Operate Efficiently
  • Develop Board and Staff Skills

Vision Of College And Career Plaza

College and Career Plaza, partnering with families and the community, ensures that every student in the Santa Fe public high schools transitions with a plan for the future.


  • General Future Transitions Planning
  • Parent and Student 1:1 Guidance Appointments
  • Interest Assessments
  • Career Guidance
  • College Selection and Applications
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Financial Aid—FAFSA
  • ACT/SAT Support
  • Jobs and Internships
  • Life Skills Workshops
  • Parent Workshops