History and Hopes


College and Career Plaza began as a pilot initiative that emerged through community conversations and the successes of the New Mexico Simon Scholars Program, a college preparation, transition and completion program that provides strategic support for students who demonstrate resilience in the face of economic and life challenges. In 2016, with the support of the high school administration, CCP opened a space in the Santa Fe High School library and began providing walk-in college and career preparation services, workshops, lunches, parent nights, career fairs during the day and evening.


In 2018, CCP opened a second center in the library at Capital High School to provide visual resources, a safe and comfortable place to “be,” alongside 1:1 future transitions services open to all 9-12th graders and their families during the day and evenings.

In January of 2020, CCP became an independent non profit organization.

In 2022-23 CCP opened 2 new centers at Monte del Sol and Santa Fe Indian School.



CCP now employs 3 full time, bilingual guidance and mentoring staff who support hundreds of students and their families at Santa Fe High, Capital High, Monte del Sol and the Santa Fe Indian School.

The CCP Board of Directors and Executive Director are engaging in community outreach and capacity building to integrate a sustainable organizational structure that will provide for expansion into additional high schools across the state while maintaining quality and relevant programming. Our work is guided by a three year strategic plan.

Vision Of College And Career Plaza

College and Career Plaza, partnering with families and the community, ensures that every high school student in Santa Fe transitions with a plan for the future.


  • Career Coaching and Mentoring
  • Job & Internship Connections
  • Resume Development
  • Career Exploration Events
  • College Applications
  • Tech School Enrollment
  • Private Scholarship Applications
  • NM Opportunities Scholarship
  • FAFSA Support for Families
  • ACT/SAT Testing Resources
  • College Fairs
  • College Visits